Royal Ascot Guide into Booking a Limo

1. Find out what limo's are available?
We at Royal Ascot limo hire have a wide range of limousine from 8 seater limousine to 16 seater limousine, in white hummer limo, black hummer limo and pink hummer limo.

2. What do you get for your money?
On arrival at the Royal Ascot, the Chauffeur will set up a gazebo, table and chairs for you and your guests. Professional Chauffeurs that all have had years experience at the worlds famous Royal Ascot

3. How many hours will the limo be with you for?
The limousine will be with you the day, time starts soon as it arrives to the first pick up.

4. Will there be any drinks provided on board the limo?
Drinks will be provided please call for more info.

For more information on the Royal Ascot Limo Package deals please call the office on 0800 002 9475.